Witchy Crystal Ball Window Cling | Sun Catcher | Rainbow Maker

This cute large witchy crystal ball will look perfect on any window in your house. Watch beautiful rainbows appear around your bathroom, living room, bedroom, or anywhere else, when the sun shines through! You can also apply your suncatcher to a mirror to admire it.

Steps for Easy Application:
1. Clean window/mirror surface
2. Remove transparent backing from suncatcher
3. Wet application surface and backside of suncatcher with water (optional)
4. Apply the suncatcher to the surface
5. Smooth with squeegee or credit card (if needed)

This decal is removeable and will not leave any streaks or marks when you take it off. It is approximately 5.5″ x 4.75″.

If you are moving, take your suncatcher with you! Place on a picture frame and package it carefully to bring it to your new house or dorm room!

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