Divination | Third Eye | Ancestor | Spirit | Spell Jar

This spell jar was handmade and consecrated by me before being charged under the moon. It contains a combination of herbs that promote divination and third eye awakening as well as my homemade divination oil. A petition paper, requesting prosperity for the owner of the jar is placed inside and the jar then sealed with purple wax.

You can use this jar to meditate with and aid in opening your third eye, increasing your spiritual connection to spirits or your ancestors, or along side other divination practices such as tarot or pendulum work.

You will receive:
* One 25ml sealed spell jar
* Instructions/information sheet

Note: Due to the method of sealing, each jar might look slightly different than the photos. Also, contents of the jar my shift in transport but that’s perfectly okay. It will settle back down. Also the jar shape might be different due to the availability of the jars, but you will always get the same size jar.

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