Cleansing Spray | Remove All Energy | 30ml

When you are in a space where you can’t burn a candle or incense, a spray is the next best thing! This cleansing spray can be used on yourself, in your space, on your altar products, and much more! Just shake and spray! The cleansing spray can take the place of smoke cleansing yourself and your space.

All of my sprays are made with natural products and charged under the full moon. This size is small enough to go in your carry-on or fit right into your purse. If you need a larger size, please contact me!

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  1. Britt takes such care with her products and packages. This time I received and oracle card that was so accurate and really hit home. It truly helped me and I wasn’t even expecting it. Her products are so amazing!!! She’s my go to when I need oils that work!

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