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January in Review | Throwing Bones

My January overall was super busy which is to be expected what with the holidays wrapping up, and the bones show that. Notice how everything is clumped all together? Yea that is a lot of energy and activities that I was surrounded by throughout January. That long bone you see there in the middle? Yea, the long, vertical one….that’s representing the self. That’s me. I am surrounded by my family, change, new opportunities and a LOT of hard work.

That nail is bad energy and it is separating me from my ancestors. I don’t take it as literally bad energy, but more stagnant. But I am not surprised. I’ve been neglecting my ancestor work.

The coin is my finances which is nestled next to the skull bead, my family. My mom was a great support to me over the holidays and has continued to be such during this month.

The paw touching the acorn represents the hard down that I have been putting into growing both myself and my business. I’ve been having a lot of success both personally and professionally and I attribute it to that hard work. And though it can be exhausting to work fulltime while trying to run a business, that vertebrate is full of youth and vitality! With that being said, the grey bone represents a change. In the same way the Death card in tarot can be ominous, it can also be exiting! That tourmaline quartz sitting on top of that bone means that whatever change that is happening, it is protected. So I won’t worry about it too much.

This reading has been pretty positive, but January was not without it’s stresses (as seen in the diagonal bone). That’s where my friends (cat) came in! They have been integral in making my January successful and keeping them close to me has been a good decision on my part. Notice how my friends (cat) is between my growth (acorn) and my stressors (diagonal bone).

Overall, January was reflected well in my bones. Have you reflected on January yet?

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  1. Awesome post! I’ve been trying to come up with a good internet business idea for a while. Instead, I have come up with a great non-internet business idea, which kind of sucks in a way because this idea requires a lot of money, as opposed to a full internet-based business that might not require that much to get it started. I’m not giving up though. I recently started a blog where I plan to document my steps for starting my company. I figured it would keep me motivated and force me to keep at it. I also hope it will motivate the readers to keep trying to accomplish their goals. By the way, I love your site. I’ll be adding it to my list of interesting blogs.

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